[SUGGESTION] Rotating Featured Game Modes

**Please read all of the post before commenting or giving it a thumbs down.** The community has an annoying habit of continuously asking for URF back, especially in places where requests like that do not belong. They do not realise, however, that bringing URF back as a permanent game mode would cause it to become pretty boring after some time. My suggestion to both make the community happy and prevent URF from getting too boring is to rotate previous Featured Game Modes. Allow me to offer a short explanation: One day, probably a Tuesday to coincide with free champion rotation switching, one featured game mode would be available to play for five days. Of course, this would be tedious to do every week and quickly lose its appeal if there is always a featured game mode available. That's why I suggest rotating them in two-week intervals with five days of that featured mode available. I've made a calendar below because I feel like my explanation wasn't too clear: http://i.imgur.com/H5Yy1HI.png This would provide varying fun to the community, allowing them to revisit their favourite game modes from the past, and would require very little actual work to implement, as far as I know. This would also allow you to come up with new game modes without having to worry about "will it be as successful as URF?" Thanks for reading!
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