About the next skin from Illaoi

In the first place, I would to say that the initiative to create a poll to elect the next illaoi skin was a great thing. But, despite the good content presented, it was disappointing to see that after almost 2 years of waiting these were the proposed skins. Illaoi has a great potency of skins and I would love to see it explored. Something like Illaoi Pool Party would be a great idea. I saw some concepts of skins on the web and found a lot of them very good. LIKE THIS: https://goo.gl/y66NSW I'm not saying that the skins presented in the poll are bad, but they could have been better developed. Listening to public opinion is something incredible and admirable, but me like a fan of Illaoi I felt disappointed. Battlecast Illaoi - The clothes are not okay. But the idea is fine. Adventurer Illaoi - This skin was the unless disappointed me. It reminded me of the Temple Run app. The hat could be removed. Deep Space Illaoi - The color of the clothes are not good. It could be blue instead of yellow / orange. I hope one day Illaoi get one skin with theme: God Hawaii. <3 {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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