All you need to know to about linking your PBE account to your live account... again!

--- --- ##IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, FIRST READ THE FAQ, THEN SEE IF I'VE ALREADY COVERED IT IN THE COMMENTS. --- --- Hi, A little bird told me it's that time of the year again. A little bird also told me it's legit, so here goes. Since there was some confusion (again) I just decided to make a thread about it (again) so that everyone can refer to one thing and in hopes that any possible confusions will be cleared up (… again :D). First of all, [this is the e-mail that was sent]( You have to follow these steps. I'll clear up some of them below. We are pretty sure it's a legit e-mail. However, if you are not sure, you can always just look for the links and steps manually :) You HAVE to do this. If you do not link your PBE account by September 25, you WILL lose your PBE account on September 30. --- --- #Clarification on the steps (These are additional notes to [the e-mail linked above]( Please read the e-mail, and use my information if you're stuck) Step 0: please check if the problem applies to you (Q 0 one the mini-FAQ below) Step 1: basically just make sure the e-mail you use on your live account and your PBE account are the same. If not, change (AND VERIFY!!) your e-mail adresses. Step 2: when your e-mail address is already the same on your live and PBE account, please make sure you've verified them, then proceed to step 3. Step 3: pbe sign-up links (links in the mail are broken, use the ones below!) NA - EUW - EUNE - (If those links are broken, just go to Google and search for “na pbe,” “euw pbe” or “eune pbe.” Correct site will be the first hit. If they're still broken, try with another browser, clear your cookies, try with mobile, etc). After you have applied, your status should be "application received/pending." After that you're done :) Proceed to question 5 of the mini-FAQ. --- --- # Mini-FAQ~ > Q 0: does this apply to me? Accounts that were created by making an account on the first 3 days of each month, are accounts from BEFORE NOVEMBER 2013. Accounts that were created by applying and then being accepted, are accounts from AFTER NOVEMBER 2013. Is your PBE account from BEFORE November 2013? Then yes. Proceed to do the steps mentioned in the e-mail. Is your PBE account from AFTER November 2013? Then no. Any accounts after aforementioned date are created with the application system, thus linked by default. You do not have to do anything. --- > Q 1: Do I have to? -.- A: **Yes**. I repeat: you HAVE to do this. The e-mail says “If you follow these steps before September 25, 11:59 PM PDT, you’ll be approved by September 26, 10:00 AM PDT and have the remainder of the week to create a new PBE account. **If you take no action, your old PBE account will be deactivated on September 30, and you’ll no longer be able to access PBE.”** --- > Q 2: I do not have an NA/EUW/EUNE account (or I do not have one anymore, because I transferred it). What now? Will I lose PBE access? Only NA, EUW and EUNE accounts can apply to the PBE. If you do not have these, I'm afraid you will not be able to keep playing on the PBE. :( You can try to make an NA/EU/EUNE account and apply with that, but I **cannot** guarantee that will work. --- > Q 3: My e-mail on my PBE account and on my main account are already the same. Do I have to do something? A: Make sure your e-mails are **validated on both accounts**, then proceed to step 3 of the e-mail. --- > Q 4: At step 3, when I click “I want to help!” I am redirected to the Jayce page “Get to testing!” What do I do now? A: Awesome! Your live account and PBE account are already linked. Or at least, your live account is already linked to *a* PBE account. Get yourself a hot choco and start relaxing; you don't have to do anything. **Every account that was made with the applying system is already linked and does not have to do anything. This applies to all (or almost all) the accounts created **after** ~November 2013** > Q 5: so what will happen exactly, if these steps are done correctly? A: if all the steps are followed correctly, you will be accepted to the PBE with your live account on September 26, 2016. You can then make a new PBE account. **That** account will be linked to your live account. Your **current PBE account will be deactivated, but not removed**. That means that if you want to have your current name on your new PBE account, you gotta change your current PBE account's name! Whether you took action or not, old PBE accounts will be disabled. The new ones will stay on the PBE. --- > Q 6: I missed the deadline! Now what? Sorry, your PBE access will be revoked. If you want to join us again, you will have to apply for PBE with you NA/EUW/EUNE live account, then wait to be accepted like everyone else. See you soon(?)! --- --- # Sources [The email]( (Thanks to Halfeatenbananas for providing it!) [Riot Chesties]( for answering questions 6 months ago and help establishing the first linking-megathread [Riot KateyKhaos]( for verifying. --- I'll be here for any further questions; AMAA! Good luck Summoners, (hopefully) see you back in the rift! Amy Sery~ ##PLEASE FIRST READ QUESTION 0 OF THE MINI-FAQ BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS
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