Alright Akali only needs one last change and shes fine.

Now that the ult bug has finally been addressed (the energy buff on Q wasn't really needed but), Speed up the Missile speed on her Q by 20-25% PLEASE she has the most clunky assassination combo in the game (waiting mid-combo for you Q to hit is insane). I always said Akali does not need stat buffs she needs QoL buffs to make her combo flow as it should. (example of non-double Q combo) is Akali will Q-R-E-AA-wait (Q hits)-AA this means either pausing half a sec and standing next to someone or their team before you combo or AA for the most burst then wait for the Q to hit then AA again which is superrrrr slow for a normal combo, its suppose to be Q-R-E-AA maybe not having a targeted missile missile ability hit super fast is healthy but its so beyond slow right now a slight 1of5 or 1of4 increase is all it needs.

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