Player behaviour on PBE and Queue times

Hello, why on earth should i enter a queue on the PBE to test things in a normal queue when all i get is a shitload of flame and toxicity all the time? That's no good testing environment when you constantly get harassed because you just don't play as in Ranked Gold league, but have a casual style to see how things work, actually make notes on bugs, check skins, test items and so on.... I am fed up! I really don't want to enter a normal queue again on the PBE. Maybe a custom game to test against harmless (and quiet) bots. It's annoying that you basically have to mute /all at the start of the game to be able to somehow enjoy the testing session. Guys: If you take it too serious, go play on the live servers, play ranked, get banned there. I don't want to see any of you again on the PBE harassing simple players that only want to do what the PBE is for.
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