Evelynn gameplay feedback from a Diamond jungler

As an Evelynn main i can tell : **+** : She is way more fun to play than before She has now clear counterplay (a bit too much that it is an - ) She has good lategame scaling Her new visual is successful **- **: She has one of the weakest early/mid jungling amongst all junglers (twitch has a better jungle defence than her) Her mana cost (on Q ) is way too high for the damage it does She's a melee assassin that struggle to get kills and get closer (protobelt is a must-buy) **Her passive : **Her HP regen is fine knowing she lose a lot of HP early , but she lost her mana regen that she needed (knowing that she's more mana dependant than before) **Her Q** : Mana cost way too high for the damage it does and the fact that she needs to spam it (either lower her mana cost and/or increase her damages) **Her W** : Her W is fine atm for me , she can use it to farm better the big monsters and needs to use it on champions which warn them the incoming gank (counerplay {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} ) **Her E** : She used to have an AD/AP scaling which helped a lot to do damages , she only has AP scaling now and does so little damages (her lategame scaling is fine tho ) + Her gap closer (even on passive) is so short you couldnt even measure it with teemos {{sticker:sg-janna}} . You must buy protobelt on her but you can't rush it because you need the runic for the mana regen. **Her R** : This is not the biggest problem atm for her , its a finisher we get it , can be used as a gap closer but why do so when you've no damage output after that ?! Thanks for reading {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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