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I hope that the complaints are monitored, because I want to make a complaint about the gaming community, the players make me more and more discouraged to play League Of Legends, for the enormous disrespect and lack of commitment, it is absurdly ridiculous to waste 30/50 min of game stressful, because of players like this who do not receive due punishment and do not respect the rules of the game, thus spoiling the fun of everyone and totally compromising the experience of the game, I'm Brazilian, and new here at PBE, but both servers It's ridiculous to devote attention and commitment to the game, and I'm completely giving up playing, I understand that the game goes well commercially, having championships and events, but I speak for a person who just wants to sit down and have some fun, Empress is attentive to these types of players, changes should take place so that the game can become pleasant to everyone, not this shame and lack of respect that is! Thank you for your attention {{summoner:3}}
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