frame rate inconsistency

So after over a seazon of playing league, I've started to notice randnom lag spikes. I asked a few friends if they have the same feeling, and almost everyone with lower end device agreed. Simply said, after many updates, the game became unplayable at 2GB of ram. Another funy thing is, that changing the setting wont do anything to my frame rates unles I turn on the shadows. It is very anoying when your client says you are running at 78 FPS but you get lag spikes whenever you trys to gang or fight. Lag spikes are one of the worst things that I can imagine happenning in the game, and I encounter them everyday even after killing all unused processes in windows. After a few seconds of deep thinking, I came with several options of solution. * Optimise the game for lower RAM capacities * Add Linux support, as Linux is the best operating system for managing RAM * Start playing DotA 2 Personaly I would prefer combination of 1 and 2 since I never liked DotAs controls. If you are concerned about the number of players on Linux platform, I believe there would be many to try it out. You could also simply say that Linux runs at higher FPS and solves lag spikes (true). And saying that porting LoL onto Linux would eat up a lot of resources... really? mac version runs OpenGL and Valve released D3D->OGL porter.
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