Mercurial Scimitar

I know Riot has good intentions about buffing marksman but this item, is WAY too strong currently. With the changes to the build pattern, the bonus lifesteal, and adjusted combat stats, it's an item that is essentially a no-win scenario for enemies if you go against a ranged marksman especially Vayne or Graves. We all have target priorities in a team fight, and we do our best to deal as much damage as possible while trying to save our team mates from death but when a hyper carry can purchase this item, it becomes a no-win situation because it's combat stats have no flaws what so ever. To give you an example of such, the AP variant would be a Zhonya's Hourglass, though a preventative item rather than an instant use cleanse, if you use the hourglass, you're safe for the duration of the effect of the item. THEN while it's active, you have to find a way out if your team abandons you, or hope that you can grab a lantern, or flash a wall unless you're instantly CC'ed. With the Merc Scim, you don't have to even hesitate about getting back into the fight because of the bonus life steal AD and MR. Not to mention if you're someone that's capable of hopping over a wall you have no reliance on your team to get you out of a jam. My proposal is that this item either gets reduce life steal for ranged marksmen, a longer active use timer, or a channel time to use the item rather than an instant get out of jail free and flash away card.
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