Toxicity and PBE Signups

It has come to my attention that a lot of PBE testers have come from LAN and EU and other servers. This is because anybody could sign up for the PBE with the requirement being at least level 3 Honor. They are not toxic, and many do come with the intentions to help Riot improve their game. However if you see any player show toxicity it would be recommended that you report them. Toxic players eventually get weeded out, but they wont if you don't report their behavior. You can also submit a player support ticket to report a player. My thoughts on PBE requirement to be at least honor 3 is a bit too low. I would suggest Honor 4 and having maintained it for a while. Those who were active PBE testers before could be grandfathered in like normal. Back to the subject of players from other servers who signed up for PBE I hope Riot will make PBE servers for your region this way you wouldn't have such high ping and latency issues. It would also be easier for you to communicate with people with the same native tongue as you and I do commend you for making the effort to communicate with English speakers. Thank you for joining us, you are welcomed here. Lets get these bugs summoners!
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