I don't believe the new Shen update is actually useful or better and more complex compared to the old Shen. The "spirit blade" object is really irrelevant in the laning phase compared to his old Q which provided ranged harass and sustain to top laners that deal damage. During laning phase I either had to commit to a fight or get poked and/or had to farm under tower which is difficult because his old passive which dealt damage based on his health and his Q were gone. Don't get me wrong I think changing things up a bit is fun but I think he should get some sort of sustain in his Q. Grasp of Undying is not enough to keep him in lane, and his W is not useful against ability and ranged type champions. I think a good ability or change to input for some lane sustain is to make his spirit blade give him back health based on his max health/missing health whenever the spirit blade contacts an enemy champion less health if it contacts an enemy minion.
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