Evelynn: Awesome concept, slightly clunky mechanics

I love the rework guys. Some really cool ideas. My favorite parts are delaying stealth till 6, and having the ult FORCE her back after. Makes up for the HUGE power of Xayah-style invincibility. My wishlist to make her kit flow more smoothly: ---- -The Q: -It's SUPER awkward to have the first be skillshot followed by 3 lockon-to-nearest. If you really want to keep that old spam-the-shit-out-of-q feel, maybe **just make them ALL lockon** -Personally, I HATE carpel tunnel spells, and I hoped you'd use her rework to get rid of it. My suggestion? Remove "**works 60% faster cd against monsters"**, replace with: **60% more dmg against monsters**. Works out to neutral power right? That would make the cooldown consistent with when you're in lane/fighting, and less hideously spammy -I also feel like **3 recasts is too many. Imo just make it 2**, shift power around however you like. This one is the least important tho. ---- -The W: -SUPER cool idea on a jungle assassin. Love the concept guys! -My only beef? It would be nice if it was **ground-target, not point-and-click**. I'm sure you can make the circle generous enough that it's still similar difficulty to hit against players (ie. not very) -That way though she can _throw it over jungle walls_ and keep her FLOW going. It's really disheartening to stand there like a nerd for 3 seconds twiddling your thumbs. (I feel like they did it that way to encourage letting her passive pump for a second or 2. But that's only IF you're low, And if you want to wait around for your passive to heal you, you don't need the W to enforce it. You'll do it anyways. The throw-dust-over-walls thing would **REALLY ** help her jungle **flow**) ---- -The E and R: I wouldn't change a thing Love the rework gentlemen, thanks so much for putting all this effort into a super cool concept of a champ!!

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