Please bring back Tribunal

Ever since the PBE was opened up and made significantly easier to get into, I, as well as many others have noticed a huge spike in toxicity, negative behavior, and afk's. Getting to honor level 3 is a very, very easy feat for a significant portion of the community, all you need is to play a few days with a few friends. On live, I think the Tribunal was a huge success and made everyone feel like their voice was being heard and making a difference in the community. For some reason that was probably already pointed out but I didn't see, the Tribunal was taken down to the public. I have been doing my best to report the ones that I can that deserve to be removed from the community but am not seeing the notification of people being punished like I used to before it was opened up to the "public". I am hoping people will reply to this, since I know here on the PBE, Riot is all ears and open to trying out new things and taking the peoples' ideas and putting them into testing action; I am hoping that Riot will consider somehow opening a trial/test run only available to PBE community since they have the technology for it, somehow just tailoring it to this server exclusively for testing. Anyways, fingers crossed that this amazing community can be brought closer together with the removal of the negative players that have been popping up since the opening of the PBE. TL;DR: Open up the Tribunal again for only PBE since there is a ton of toxicity ever since the opening of it a few weeks ago.
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