PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Caitlyn!

http://imgur.com/5Mw1Mfr http://imgur.com/RlnisZb *“In the future, one of us is alive. Hint: It's not you.”* On the hunt for **Pulsefire Ezreal**, a chrono fugitive, **Pulsefire Caitlyn** time travels to the modern world, where she doggedly continues her pursuit. **Pulsefire Caitlyn** will be 1820 RP (legendary!) and includes: * New **model and textures** - Tactical and sleek! - She’s equipped with the latest weaponry! * New **particles** - Digital technology that will have you hitting your target every time! * New **sound effects** - Pew pew, pew pew pew! * New **animations** - Complete with an evolving gun and hoverbike homeguard! * New **recall animation** - Caitlyn timehops, always sporting the most stylish of hats for the time period. * New **VO script** - *The future's only hope is in the barrel of my gun.*” **Pulsefire Caitlyn** is now available to play on PBE! As players who experience this content firsthand, your constructive feedback is appreciated. Feel free to leave it in the comments below! If you have any questions, you can also drop them below and I'll do my best to answer them! ^-^ \* *Prices are subject to change.*
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