RP per year maybe? Riot feedback please?

Hi, as a frequent on the PBE for about a year or so I've finally hit the 0 RP point.. not that i was over indulging myself but i had used the majority of my RP before the 1 ip patch was implemented. and i know you give us more than enough RP for one person but when testing out skins sometimes had to be RP only it depleted my wallet, i also spent a majority with am ip glitch where there would be no option and you could only use RP, that being said i found that my client was just out of whack and had moved the button where i could not click it once on the unlock screen and had to reset the client no big deal. Lastly I've been using it on mystery skins and wards. But my point is still valid that maybe every year riot should dull out the RP again... around Christmas time? ahah just a suggestion Riot please see this and let me know your decision. Happy Holidays, -q
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