Please, Please, PLEASE Stop Banning Champions We're Meant to be Testing

Hey. So whenever I've played on the PBE, I've always played draft, and people for some reason have been banning champs that we're meant to be testing (kog, graves, caitlyn etc etc)... Honestly, how are we meant to test the champions if they're banned. I understand they might be OP, or not very fun to play against. But we NEED to test them, that's the whole point of this server! On the PBE, testing is way more important than having fun or giving yourself a better chance at winning by banning them because they're OP. If you're not here test champions, but you're going to ban them so no one else can play them, then please leave, and don't play on the PBE! It's just a waste of everyones time, seeing as nobody's here for (atleast meant to be here for) playing a boring old normal game, if we wanted to do that we'd go to main. So please, please, please stop banning champions that we're meant to be testing, and to Riot: Would it be possible for you to add a few lines of code to the champ select, where it is not possible to ban a champion that's had changes made that we need to test? This may thin down the options for champions we can ban a bit, but it's really important that we can actually play these champions and not have them banned because someone else isn't here to test. Thanks, PsychoTea.
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