[PBE Bugs & Feedback] DJ Sona - Feature Highlights

**DJ Sona** has a bunch extra features and content that's part of her package. Here is a more condensed list of what she has to offer! Please condense all feedback and bugs into this thread so that we can have on consolidated place to check for issues! Thank you! --------------------------------- **Form Toggle:** Can be triggered by "/toggle" or "CTRL+5" 0.5 second cast time Casting the transition, dealing damage, taking damage, or getting crowd controlled will invoke a 2 second internal cooldown for transitioning again. Cooldown starts as soon as the toggle is activated. You can rebind the toggle in the Options menu. Options > Hotkeys > Communication > Toggle (second row from the bottom) **Teammate Music Opt-In:** Only for DJ Sona's Teammates. To opt into her music experience, pull up the Scoreboard (Tab or o). With the Scoreboard up, look to the left by Sona's portrait and click the grayed out music note to turn it green to turn on the music. You can opt out of the music by pressing the music note again to turn it red. The button will soon be bigger, and the music note design the final image. **Ability Music Layers:** DJ Sona starts out with a base track at the start of the game. Upon using Q / W / E the first time in any form, it will add a new music layer to the base. *ie) You start the game with base music in Kinetic form. Press Q once and it adds a new bass layer to the base music. This will already be applied if you change to any other form. * **Epic Ult Music:** Upon using her ultimate the first time after she puts a point into it, the base music (with all layers applied) will change to sound fuller and more "epic." This applies to all her forms. **Icons and Banners:** Upon unlocking DJ Sona, 3 icons will be unlocked. When one of the three icons is unlocke,d the corresponding profile banner will also display! (i.e. if Kinetic icon is selected, Kinetic profile banner will display.) *If you already owned DJ Sona before these icons were implemented on the PBE, and you'd like to unlock them, you will need to refund DJ Sona using a refund token, and re-buy DJ Sona.* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~Hey guys!~~ ~~Like the title states, DJ Sona is taking a little extra time backstage to prep for her debut concert. ~~{{champion:37}} {{item:3070}} ~~We encountered a couple serious bugs on her and have disabled her for the time being. Hang tight, we are currently addressing these issues on our end!~~ ~~***~drops the mic~***~~ ~~* **Update:** The second PBE deploy has addressed some important DJ Sona assets, but we are still in the process of fixing a last critical audio issue. We're getting there!~~
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