Riot, We need to fix PBE.

I think that we can all safely agree that **PBE is a mess**. PBE is **suppose** to be this place we can all play our favorite game and **help it evolve** and **change for the better**. **It is the complete opposite**. PBE is just this place where we try the **new flavor of the month champions or the new game modes that will be out for only 2 weeks **. Ques take about 10 minutes to find a game and when you want to try out a new champion or try out a new skin, most people auto lock them and your forced into another role you dislike. You can do draft if you don't mind waiting for 20 minutes and then seeing the someone bans/pick the new champion that you would love to test out. The Ranked PBE might as well be a joke. Most people don't really care about it because its not their main account. I would really love to see some sort of Teambuilder open so we don't have to face these insta lockers or any of these 30 minute que times. Another thing that happens is letting OP champions or OP buffs going through to live without a change. Everyone knew Ryze was going to be able to Perma Snare people. You did nothing to fix this. Everyone knew that the Juggernaut reworks to Darius Skarner and Morde made the so broken that you had to ban them. You did gave it a soft nerf, but Darius and Garen are still Spinning their way through victories after victories. I would really love to see a change to the current state of PBE because its just a mess and needs to be fixed. Thanks.
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