[PSA] Here is the list of skins you can NOT get from hextech crafting.

I've gotten every skin possible from hextech crafting via re-rolling skin shards. Then I went through and made a list of the skins you can not get. They are as follows: Black Alistar Silver Kayle Huntress Sivir Human Ryze Triumphant Ryze Judgement Kayle Rusty Blitzcrank UFO Corki King Rammus Championship Riven Grey Warwick Medieval Twitch Urf the Manatee Warwick Riot Squad Singed Phantom Karthus Victorious Elise Victorious Janna Victorious Jarvan Victorious Sivir Victorious Morgana PAX Jax PAX Sivir PAX Twisted Fate If you think I missed something please let me know!
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