I know we cant ask for more RP/IP but i had this account since 2010? and i miss used the IP/RP T_T

Hello, I just read the PBE starter Guide thing, Which to be fair we didnt have before :P i had my PBE account when it was free to create on Sunday? or some day of the week lol. but yeah i miss used my RP/IP T_T and i need to buy runes dont have enough IP to do so. I had this PBE account for a long time, and bundles and other things werent available when i got the account, and i think RP and IP got refreshed every week? I am not sure lol. So Pleaseee Riot can i have RP and IP? i pinky promise i wont misuse it this time :3 I love you best people and best company so please and thank you <3
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