In it for free stuff.

I didn't have a PBE account til the release of the new account sign-up's, but I really wanted one for a long time and waited a super long time for one. I love looking for new bugs and problems. I find it fun and seriously funny sometimes aka The nunu one-shot bug. This had me crying XD. The sad part of the whole thing is the LARGE amount of toxic players. Now I know there has been many posts on this topic already, but seriously Its a HUGE problem I don't feel like anything happens to the people when reported. I had a game the other day where someone was hovering evelyn and said "don't ban eve plz" then the toxic player said "f*** your mom" and banned eve. The poor man dodged and I couldn't catch the name to report the toxic guy, but even if I had reported said person, would anything even had happened to him/her? The PBE server I feel is for testing things and reporting any bugs or problems found so that when the current patch hits the live servers there is little to no problems. With this being said I find that 99.9%(exaggerated number) don't ever pay attention to the forums or even report problems. Most people just want a PBE account for the free stuff and don't care about helping out like the server is made to do. Now I get that its soul purpose is for testing things but I too practice champs and try out in-game skins, but I still check the forums everyday for new stuff to look out for and pay attention to what's happening with everything. To me if someone isn't trying to help or looking for bugs to help improve the quality of the PBE aka being toxic, they should not be here. TL;DR Too many toxic people and not enough people visit the forums to actually report bugs or give any feedback. Now keep in mind this is how I see things and I know I may have missed some points and maybe even some problems with the PBE now, but these are the problems i'm having the hardest time with. I don't mind if people disagree cause someone always will, but I would still like to hear why. Thanks for reading and I would appreciate some feedback and have a great day! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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