Inactive PBE account? Can't log in (Regional Feedback NA/LAN+PBE Issues+Transfer account BUG?)

Ok first of all must say I made my original account in NA from season 2 (Since Vayne was the newest champion in LoL), with the Summoner Name of Sanger Zonvolt, don't remember when exactly was that... Since I'm from LAN I transfered to it when the server comes up, but before this event happens, of course I did my PBE account (InstinctX) and it's the one I'm using right now to write this post... When I reach LAN I was curious to see if my NA account register was erased or not and for some reason it keeps appearing like I just stopped playing with it or something ( Idk if this is a bug or something like that, later I will explain why I mention all this stuff... (My current LAN account both my PBE and my LAN accounts have the same username but different passwords for security reasons) Today I tried to log in and play a custom game like I always do to test some stuff, then I just received a message that says: Login Error: This account is currently inactive. Please contact Player Support for further information at I already read some posts from the forum about this topic and I know maybe? my account wasn't linked, idk why this issue comes to this date, cuz my account was alive for a couple of years to this day (4 years maybe?) and when the link your account stuff was a must to do to protect your account and stuff I really don't remember if I did it or not with my PBE account I thing just think I verified my email from here (the forums of pbe and I thought it was enough) of course I recieved the in game boost and stuff so idk why my account wasn't linked as some rioter respond to someone in the forums that the problem was the account wasn't linked.... Personally I could say I don't play often in PBE and don't give much feedback cuz I don't found bugs or stuff often cuz I don't play often with it, but recently I posted about having issues with the match history from the game client and the web page both from PBE... (wich of course sometimes works and a lot of the time don't work) at least match history from the PBE web page it's still an issue for me... I know for some players would say just apply again with your NA account to the PBE, but the thing is I can't log in to my old NA account even when it still exists after transfer to LAN, and for some reason only NA accounts apply to PBE, so I'm screwed, this is so unfair and it's a pain to even do all of this but what else can I do, should I reach support ( or just hope that someone actually help me with this cuz this is a PBE issue and not a Regional Server issue... 1.- Is there a PBE support page? like I don't understand anymore... If not, why in the support page PBE doens't exist? (need clarity in the support page maybe?) 2.- Why my account is marked as inactive? (since my account is already linked and verified and I was using it frecuently...) (need clarity with how often do people have to give feedback or play with accounts to not get marked as inactive) 3.- Why did other Regions can't apply to the PBE? is it for the ping? c'mon a lot of people around the world still play in the PBE and for the record since I transfer to LAN my PBE ping was around 50-60 and in LAN was 80-100 from around 1 year or 2 maybe, then today LAN ping for me is 50-60, PBE ping is 60-70 4.- Why my NA account still exists but can't log in to it? (Is it just lazyness to even erase it from NA? for what purpose?) Do I have to make a new account and lvl it to 30 or transfer my LAN account to NA to even apply to PBE but if so sigh... 2 Sanger Zonvolts in NA, do I have to change summoner name cuz Sanger Zonvolt already exist omg...? Like seriously what's wrong with the system you guys are using =S? 5.-Why did PBE still using the regional servers client stuff (When I log in to the game client I don't care about other league content like summoner's show case or other stuff rather than PBE itself, ok don't erase it completly from PBE but at least make a secondary tab when all this things appear and give priority to the content in PBE) and not their customized PBE client experience? with stuff like hey you could report bugs here or you can give feedback here or hey If you don't play often you gonna be marked as inactive or hey we're currently testing this and this, why do I have to keep searching for changes in PBE in pages like surrenderat20 or newsoflegends, wouldn't be better if a semi patch notes were displayed in game client after each update? If this pages do their work why wouldn't PBE staff didn't do is aswell? like hey guys we're currently testing this stuff, give your feedback here (if I loged in game client why do I have to log in the forums from a web explorer to give feedback, I'm just asking to add functions or raplece stuff in to game client, everything else it's k speacially this forums) or how about an actual article about hey dude if you don't reach certain ping in PBE you could experience heavy lag don't even bother to play, we recommend you use this tips to try to reduce your ping or whatever... (like c'mon we're in season 6 and all I see Is the same client as NA wut?)... 6.-Is it possible that PBE actually worked with general support staff or with the game programmers to actually make a customized in game client experience for PBE? This is my only PBE account, I know a lot of people out there have more than 1 PBE account and actually make money with them... Maybe I'm being paranoid but all of this is making me lose my mind... Sorry if I'm being rude, thnx for reading and I hope someone could help me and keep playing in the pbe...
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