PBE is actually the most toxic environment I've played in League yet....

Isn't the PBE about learning, trying new things and getting some help? I think I'd rather go back to playing gold matches where people are halfway intelligent on builds and lane choices. All I have seen so far is some of the most toxic players I have ever seen EVER in my 2 years of League. Shit talking from the enemy as well as your own team. I've made suggestions to my team about picking into direct counters " Shut the fuck up, I can Twisted Fate against Yas if I want!" Sure you can.... Then he goes 0-7 and calls our jung a fag and leaves. Just last game, Malz going top against a Ren. Malz brings no TP. I tell him that TP is a good idea against an already tough lane opponent. Also, Malz has one of the worst MS in the game....so how are you going to get around to help the team from top? "Shut up noob, I'll do what I want". Proceeds to get destroyed by Ren top. When I attempt to tell him the reason to get TP "TP has been nerfed, it's useless, no ones gonna use it anymore".... Right....in season 6 TP will never ever be used.... Why is the PBE so hostile Riot? I was hoping to have educated discussions with players on new items, builds, and things that will work. I don't mind experimenting, but going AP Zed isn't experimenting.....that is just dumb ignorance. I feel Riot should almost have an interview process for the PBE. I read about CertainlyT and other devs getting what they would call " bad readings or data" from PBE.....and now I see 100% why.
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