Cross Map Consistency Pass

Hey all! We have some more updates to our other maps to conclude our Cross Map Consistency Pass. Here’s some of the changes you’ll see going up on PBE soon. **Gameplay Changes; The Black Mist Arrives:** After chatting with some of the most dedicated Twisted Treeline players (shoutouts to Koella and everyone else for their awesome posts!) we found some opportunities to make some phantasmic gameplay changes to Twisted Treeline to improve the experience. **Jungle; Smite & Ignite:** The meta currently favors a duo lane, because it’s too easy for them to fast push and invade the jungler to deny their farm. Camps now spawn 5 seconds sooner, start at level 2 and have slightly less health and deal less damage. Yes, this means you can jungle again. **Vilemaw; Like a Spiderboss :** Currently Vilemaw is undervalued and only taken when there are no other available objectives. He can also be solo'd through some loopholes. To solve this problem we’ve increased Vilemaw’s health and decreased his damage. Damage over time should remain roughly the same, but this will create a window for other teams to react. Killing Vilemaw now lets you summon the darkness and lead a legion of ghost minions to swarm the enemy base. Players will enhance nearby allied minions (allied minions gain increased combat stats, MS, and briefly terrify enemy minions) Champions will also cross over to an other realm and become “ghosted”. Finally, we added a Vilemaw timer to the tab menu and an epic monster healthbar to Vilemaw. **Altar changes; Only Spirits Should Be Hidden:** We’ve changed a few of the altar buffs to be more meaningful and to have more visible power. The first altar buff will give a movement speed bonus to your team, the second one will restore player’s max health on minion/monster kills which should help teams siege towers for longer and end the game faster. **Tower changes; More Things To Kill!** We’ve added a third low health turret to lanes to give teams an early treat to grab. This should also help reset minion waves sooner and smooth out early game flow. We’ve also tweaked the health and damage of all turrets. Early turrets should be easy to destroy while your Nexus turret won’t die from a couple of sneaky super minions in your base. **New Trinket; Call Down The Reckoning:** Not having wards on Twisted Treeline adds a level a fear you would expect from the shadow isles, but it also means squishier champions have a hard time taking objectives without knowledge of enemy locations. We’ve taken the Hextech Sweeper active and turned it into a trinket (Note, not the passive, so traps won’t be revealed) We’re hoping this gives our players who are sensitive to hidden presences a chance to uncover the enemy so they can safely get objectives. Because of that we’ve removed the Vision items on the map as they’re not needed anymore: Grez’s Lantern, Hextech Sweeper and Lightbringer have been removed **Item changes to both Dominion and Twisted Treeline; Make Them Bleed:** Lord Van Damm’s Pillager now has Lightbringer’s passive and no longer has IE crit bonus Overlord’s Bloodmail - Builds out of Crystalline Bracer, price has been reduced and now has HP regen **Map & Art Changes; Gnomes Weren’t Spooky:** We’ve continued to skin some of the art from Summoner’s Rift to match our other maps and bring some consistency between them. Check out these screenshots for more details. **New structures on TT:** **New Minions on Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar:** **Golem Retexture:** **Crystal Scar Texture and Color Update:** **Loading Screens** If you discover any bugs, please post them here! ~Riot JxE
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