Lower Drag spawn time (Rioters, please read this :D)

Yesterday, I made a post about possible improvements to the current dragon system (You can look at that by looking at my boards profile which is best access by clicking on my summoner's name). Then, a fellow summoner ask me that if I wish for riot to implement any possible improvements to the dragon system, I should elaborate on each point I want to get across and how it will affect the current game. Obviously, this post is about the most reasonable of those 4 suggestions, lower drag spawn time. Before I proceed, I want to make a quick disclaimer that I find the elemental dragon system to be extremely good and I have no problems if things stay the way it is but that said, there's nothing wrong in improving the gameplay of an already great game. Thus, I will now proceed to explain how lowering the drag spawn time will improve the gameplay of league. First off, it promotes decision making and rewards those who makes the right decision more than previously has. A lower drag spawn time will mean that you're going to be forced to fight for turrets, rift herald, baron, or dragon more often than in the past. Personally, I find this very exciting because after having played the game for so long (I've been here since beta lol), I can say for sure that decision-making around objectives is getting more and more vital than csing in lane or laning in general. Over time, I noticed a trend in which people play around objectives more than play to get kills (which make sense since the overall objectives of the game is to kill the nexus lol). If this is the direction Riot wants to take, then why not lower drag spawn time so that there will be more intense, blood-rushing, and obviously more rewarding decision-making moment? Second, more teamfight. More dragons, more teamfight because you want to deny them from the enemy and/or get the dragon stack for yourself. Every one of the 4 elemental dragon stacks has meaning to them and will benefit you in one way or another (I want to say that the air dragon is very underwhelming like how about 5/10/15% movespeed permanently?) and well, we all love team fight and them sick smite steals. Third, gives jungler more of a meaningful purpose in the game. Speaking of smites, we have to talk about how this affect jungler. Correct me if I'm wrong but an integral part to a jungler is his understanding of how to play the map and as a jungle main myself, I know for a fact that taking an uncontested dragon by playing the map or securing dragon in a teamfight in general is extremely hard (even with the hp bar on epic monsters as a result of the map update a year or so ago) and well, it just rewards jungle mains like me when I secure a dragon. Fourth, adds more weight to the Elder Dragon. Since the worth of each elder dragon is based on numbers of elemental dragons secured, more elemental dragons spawned would inherently adds weight to each elder dragon secure past 35 minutes. There may be more benefits to lower drag spawn time than I have mentioned thus far but I feel like I have made my case...

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