current state of pre-season jungle

now i won't lie i really love the changes they've done to the jungle (bit hard to get used to but oh well) but currently as it stands unless you're naturally tanky or have sustain in your kit you're not gonna be able to make it in the jungle since just the razorbeaks can take out 66% of your health in most cases and don't even get me started on how much damage the red and blue buff do. and with us only being able to get 2 hp pots after buying Hunter's Machete it just isn't enough. so i think to fix this you either need to reduce the price of machete, reduce the price of pots or reduce the damage the jungle camps do. it just isn't working out for the squishy junglers with no natural sustain since they have to back after doing Wolves/Gromp/Razorbeaks/Krugs (depending which they start at) one other camp and their buff.
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