Riot, what happened to the unfinished classic skins splash ?

Warwick ? Rammus and so on ? Splashes that have been there since beta, can't you finish them before your start doing skins at least ? I just don't get all this mess in the work it's like Chromas you did some and now it's gone and now new splash for unavailable skins (Vandal Brand) and some will stay the old way it's totally breaking the game's esthetic the champions don't have the same art so at least make it equal for classic skins some champions deserve to have a new splash. I mean look at this : Why ? Why poor thing must have a crappy splash like this while Assassin Yi no one cares about should be updated ? Champions before skins for the love of god. Here are t he list of champs that need update on splash : - Amumu (chinese) - Evelynn - Irelia - Kennen - Leona - Poppy (prob with rework) - Rammus - Swain - Taric (prob with rework) - Warwick - Xin - Yorick I don't get why you started almost a year ago doing so many splashes and suddenly it just stopped, please finish your work. And if you really wanted to update those skin splashes like that, why even begin with stuff like Jade Wukong or Vandal Brand that have both a great background and art : instead of stuff like this :
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