So, about those SKT skins...

Hey everyone, This is SuperCakes and I’m the Product Manager on Personalization (aka Skins Team). I want to take a minute to chat with you about this year’s SKT Worlds Skins. When we released these skins to PBE earlier this week, we were excited to see what you all thought. And what we found out is these skins haven’t lived up to expectations. Our approach to this skin line historically has been to treat it as something commemorative; a representation of a team’s victory at the World Championships. We would occasionally make a nod to a specific player, and we would try to choose champions that most reflected the team, but the focus was more on the team than the individual player. And that’s how we went into designing this year’s skins. But what we’ve heard from you is that you expect more from these skins. You want to see the player, you want to see the highlights and you want to see cooler shit. To be honest, we’re really excited about that potential. So, we’re holding off releasing these skins for now and looking for things we can do to make them even more awesome. And while we’re at it, we’ll be adding Azir. Making a skin for a sub was not something we’d had to consider before and we were worried about setting a precedent. But it’s time for us to start looking at these skins as a celebration of the winning team’s year instead of just Worlds. Easyhoon was way more than a sub. He was an integral part of their victorious year. This conversation reminded us how much this scene has evolved. It’s time for the skins to evolve with it.
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