Can you stop posting threads about how long the queue time is and/or stuff related to that.

It does not really relate to whatever (just maybe people who are waiting in queue) and everyone knows that PBE is a small environment and is strained atm by Ekko's release. Yes, it happens every time a new champion is released, but to see tons of threads complaining about it just is too much. Just wait for it, it'll come. I don't know how the pbe is like now but I still think it's quite unstable from the posts I see, but guys please wait patiently about it. It's a privilege that we get to test out champs before they get released, and so we do have to go through some difficulties. I'll remove this thread shortly; I just had to write it. P.S) If you feel frustrated about people dodging queue, I mean you gotta understand them. I wouldn't like myself playing a new champ that I don't know will fit my style against other people personally, but I wouldn't like it either if someone was on their first time on a champion in a game- even if it's the PBE, LoL is still a competitive game. If you go on *Public Chat* and ask for people who will play with Ekko in a custom, I believe there are people who's gonna volunteer.
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