PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Chromas!

**Orphyre is Riot Orphyre, he just doesn't have his red name, but he's the Rioter who is QA for these chromas and will be handling feedback. :) ** #Chromas are now available for testing!# *I'm posting on behalf of Riot Orphyre, who worked with his pod to make these awesome chromas happen! He... just needs to get his PBE account! :P* Woo, the **Feedback Thread for Chromas** is back! We’re looking forward to hearing what all of you think about our Chromas, and how we can make them more and more awesome! _______________________________________________________ There’s more fun in the sun with these new Chromas for Pool Party Fiora, Graves, and Lulu! Get ready for the summer, and splash onto the Rift with some shiny new colors! **Pool Party Fiora Chromas - 290 RP Each, 3,550 RP for the Bundle (less if you already own the champion and skin!)** http://imgur.com/o9wcRrh http://imgur.com/1eUoHn2 http://imgur.com/kf49QJe http://imgur.com/agqr0rm http://imgur.com/OglsnWw http://imgur.com/Buw4QmR http://imgur.com/uwHNRHu http://imgur.com/rW4BpD4 **New textures** - “I am an artist with a pool noodle.” *SMACK* * Tanzanite - Purple noodle with red shorts * Turquoise - Orange noodle with jean shorts * Rose Quartz - Pink spiral noodle with white shorts * Aquamarine - Yellow noodle with jean shorts * Citrine - Green noodle with red shorts * Pearl - Yellow, white, and blue noodle with heart shorts * Rainbow - Rainbow noodle with jean shorts * Sapphire - Watermelon noodle with blue shorts **Pool Party Graves Chromas - 290 RP Each, 3,340 RP for the Bundle (less if you already own the champion and skin!)** http://imgur.com/xnPPnJL http://imgur.com/0DB3aI6 http://imgur.com/TJX7UTp http://imgur.com/TJX7UTp http://imgur.com/leYpnP7 http://imgur.com/dAx9ART **New textures** - “Like rubber duckies in a barrel.” * Citrine - Orange gun and blonde hair * Amethyst - Purple gun with green wristbands and pink headphones * Sapphire - Pink and sky blue gun with blue headphones * Emerald - Yellow and green gun with orange headphones * Ruby - Red and blue gun with gold headphones and striped clothes * Turquoise - Yellow and blue gun with blue headphones and a black tank top **Pool Party Lulu Chromas - 290 RP Each, 3455 RP for the Bundle (less if you already own the champion and skin!)** http://imgur.com/bgVQeoQ http://imgur.com/7con6Ka http://imgur.com/npoXw0V http://imgur.com/Rj9eK9b http://imgur.com/dvBYe4T http://imgur.com/OZWO9x3 http://imgur.com/2KhO8nj **New textures** - “That tasted...rainbowy!” * Catseye - Yellow squid with red bandana and a green blowfish * Sandstone - White kitty-squid and a pink blowfish * Peridot - Cact-o-squid! * Ruby - Red squid and a takoyaki-blowfish * Turquoise - Green-scaled squid and a dark red blowfish * Citrine - Orange squid and a blue blowfish * Rose Quartz - Pink squid and a blue blowfish We hope you all will enjoy the new sets, but we’re also looking forward to hearing what you really think and feel, and any other constructive feedback. I’ll do my best to answer all questions, and reply to all of your feedback!
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