People (Trolls) are abusing the report button

I got off of a match yesterday with 3 reports (or so they said) all for no reason. This trolling trundle, riven, and an enemy xayah. I was playing draven adc so obviously I take the blame for losing, used to that. However they took it a bit far. In all chat trundle and riven said I called them "fucks" even though I didnt. They started saying "report draven for toxic" in all chat. The only thing that I said that was anywhere close to toxic was a tip to the galio that he should stay deeper under tower when they dive him bc he was in a 2 v 1 lane. I did not word it any more aggressively. The enemy xayah took this as a nice chance to troll and in post game lobby said "LOL ENJOY PERMABAN" I dont really know if this can be fixed, maybe make it so you can report people for false reporting? Idk, this probably wont ever happen again but the riven and trundle duo so I assume they do that to somebody in every one of their games :(
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