Mocking of the opposite team should be punishable

Hello, Fellow summoners, I have so much to say in this matter, I will try to gather all my thoughts together. This was bothering me for some time now, and tonight, while I was sleeping, I finally decided to talk about this. We all know that League of Legends has one of the most toxic gaming community in all the world, that's a shame, but what matters is that we can do something about it. Riot have tried several things to improve the situation and deal with toxic players ( Tribunal, chat restrictions, warnings, bans ) but it doesn't look like it's helping as much as we would like to. The thing is, that **Riot is not fighting toxic players in it's "root"**, How is that? I will explain that in further topic. To make this more clear, we should refresh our memory about how the average toxic player behaves. So, the commandments of toxic players: 1. Verbal abuse ( simply verbally abuses one or several players ) 2. Offensive language ( uses foul language, most of the time, goes along with 1. commandment ) 3. Spamming ( constantly repeats the same word / words, keeps writing meaningless sentences, this may go along 1. and 2. commandment ) 4. Trolling ( pretty much anything that ruins the game experience for one or both teams and that is not in previous commandments ) 5. Intentional Feeding ( Player keeps dying and giving kills intentionally to get the enemy team more stronger, ruining the game experience ) These are the biggest commandments, in my opinion, that are actually getting punished, if majority of players find these cases punishable. And now, we will get to the "root" of the toxic behavior that, in my opinion, is playing huge role to support and keep alive those toxic players. The very same thing, how topic are called - **Mocking of the opposite team**. I think most of you have experienced this situation, where just before the ending of the match, someone just couldn't hold the toxic behavior inside himself anymore and he had to release it by typing things like: "gg easy","easy","izi" and so on. Why am I bothered by this? Because this action is not getting punished in any way and unfortunately, some, not necessary toxic players, don't understand it as well. I know this, because when Tribunal was still working, and I was looking in those cases to decide where someone should get punished or forgiven, I fell in minority in those cases, where certain player was reported for the very same reason - disrespecting opposite team, by saying "gg easy" or something like that, just before the ending of a match. So, you may say: "it's the end of the match anyway, just forget and move on". Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Such behavior should not be tolerated and it should be punishable as anything else mentioned in game rules and those commandments. And let me explain you why. Let's say, that toxic player, just before the match ends, instead of saying "gg easy", verbally abuses someone or just simply triggers 1.-3. commandment. Would it be a different story then? Of course it would, this player would get punished by Riot rules for toxic behavior. The problem is that these toxic players doesn't trigger ( yet ) Riot rule system for toxic behavior when disrespecting opposite team by typing things like "gg easy". And I'm sure that at least 90 % of those who do this, belongs the very core of toxic player community, that will break these rules in any of further games. Let me tell you my own recent experience in this situation. Just yesterday, I had a match, where in my team, was one very special Teemo player, who died, probably in 1st blood, to his lane opponent Pantheon, and after that he started to roam around all lanes and bother us with his presence ( took my farm as I was an Ashe, wen't do die a couple of times to opponents mid lane and after all that, he just disconnected and didn't come back, leaving us 4 vs 5 ). Why am I telling you all this? Because just before the ending of a match, one player from enemy team, couldn't handle his personality and wrote "easy". We were pretty much already upset by Teemos behavior, that he completely ruined our game experience and in the end left us 4 vs 5 and yet, member from enemy team disrespected us. Tell me, how would you feel? My point is simple, **mocking of opposite team should be punished in the same way as other toxic behavior things**. League of Legends is part of Electronic sports ( Esports ), that also, like any other sports type, requires you to** respect your opponent** to show sportsmanship and your mature attitude for best gaming experience for both sides. If we all want better gaming experience and toxic free community, we have to start from the "root" of the problem. Negative behavior shouldn't be tolerated in any way and they should receive punishment for ruining gaming experience for others that actually want's to enjoy this game. **If you agree with me, vote on the poll, leave a comment and simply share your own opinion. We can makes this community better!** Feel free to re-post this topic in other forums / websites, so we can get this thing moving.
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