Health bar (PBE)

Hello everyone, My thoughts about the new 'health bar' update is ugly. It is like back in the time in Season 2 {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} It should be very beautiful like a health bar of future, the design and quality is bad as well. It's just my opinion though ;) ! I started playing at League of Legends earlier beta saison, just before season 1. For an old player and as I said "it is like back in the time in s2" that's great to remember the old time but this isn't enough. But now, there is more than 10 years that Riot been's with us, and they do lot of stuffs there. Every seasons there is a new great updates, the stability of servers are better than it was in season 1 and season 2. So now they have to keep it up, not to back in the old time, but to keeping up to do some better stuffs. We are in 2k17 the technology have been evolved , it should've be futuristic, though right ? Why did Riot do that ? Did they made a mistake ?

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