New Possible Summoner Spell?

**STEALTH AS A SUMMONER SPELL? ** I was looking through the summoner spells and they are awfully well rounded and balanced. No complaints about the existing summoner spells. HOWEVER I was think one more additional spell would add a great new layer and flexibility to the game. The new summoner spell should be: **Camouflage ** *"Instantly STEALTHS your champion for 3 secs or until the champion attacks. cooldown of 240" * Nothing more or less It would allow for versatile ganks from the jungle --clever escapes in lane -- potent split pushing/backdooring -- objective steals and crazy WOMBO COMBOS if a five man team runs Camouflage. ALSO Initiations could become crazy. Imagine walking into mid for a excepted 4 v 4 but then BOOM! An enemy Braum {{champion:201}} BLOWS UP your team turning that 4 v 4 into a lop sided 4 v 5. As terrible as it would be for you and your friends. It would be a new game layer making teams coordinate to buy purple wards {{item:2043}} and even use {{summoner:2}} Clairvoyance more. And even though it would be SICK, it would not be op because it has a high cooldown, no stat steroids and only a 3 second window to capitalize on the stealth. It would require a lot of calculation, skill and preparation to pull of effective depending on the situation. Any thoughts on the idea?
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