Getting lower orange essence!!

I don't know, but does anyone get why they lowered the orange essence from skins. Shortly when i started playing league i got Dj Sona, was so hyped, but when i saw it costs 2950 essence to activate I lost hope in it. I had to sell every skin (if i get it) from the box for about 2 months just to get it. But that was bearable. But now?... C'mon, 250 essence from an epic skinshard? So i need to dissenchent 4 epic skin shards to activate one, total of 5 skins, plus the reward now system gives you less chances for skins. More emotes, icons, wards, champions and so on. And don't get to the part if I got an ultimate skin, have to dissenchent skins for a whole season just to activate that ultimate xd Feeling disappointed... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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