Battle Boss Blitzcrank Skin Changes

After trying out Battle Boss Blitzcrank and a few other 1350 skins in custom games such as Arcade Hecarim, Arcade Riven and Arcade Miss Fortune, I felt as if Battle Boss Blitzcrank was slightly underwhelming. There is no doubt in my mind that it is already the best 1350 skin for Blitzcrank where it stands. However, being skin that is related to the arcade series and Final Boss Veigar, It is a little bit underwhelming. It is understandable that Blitzcrank's short length abilities are hard to work with, but there should be something to compensate for the lesser amount of ability FX the skin has to offer in contrast to some of 1350 skins I listed before. In my opinion, Battle Boss Blitzcrank should have a completely different voice than the default; one that would make him sound more like a boss than a 'junkyard robot'. Something in the lines of Arcade Hecarim, Forsaken Jayce, or Underworld Wukong's voices would be an amazing addition to the skin. Also, I think that there could be something added to his ultimate passive. - Dark pixel cloud that brings out a purple pixel lightening bolt with retro sound effects? + Blitz has no special critical strike animation which could be added. + additional auto attack fx not just sound like arcade riven green swipe? Please take my ideas into consideration. I generally don't provide feedback on skins but I believe that Battle Boss Blitzcrank can be so much more than what it is now. :)
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