[CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Syndra!

#This thread is now closed. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!# http://imgur.com/IVBVNAz *“People fear what they cannot understand.”* A veteran Star Guardian from an earlier era, the ambitious Syndra now acts as Ahri’s advisor. But just what are her true intentions? * The mischievous **Multi** are the epitome of her limitless power. * New **model and texture** full of deep purples! * New fuchsia and magenta **visual effects** for her entire kit! * New dark **sound effects** for all skills! Listen closely, and you may hear how cynical Multi really is! * New **animations** during both her homeguard and recall! **Star Guardian Syndra** is now available to play on PBE! As always, we'd love to hear any thoughts or constructive feedback, so please feel encouraged to share them with us. :D **Star Guardian Syndra** is set to be 1350 RP. * Prices are subject to change.
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