Old PBE accounts remove case (Red answer would be appreciated)

With the New case of PBE Accounts renovation, a certain problem to several non NA-EU players appeared, which is that they cant keep their accounts, since they tend to obtain their accounts before they migrated from major servers, but still theyre pretty useful for PBE despite they dont have englis as first Language. Anyways, despite that, which is my case, I want to know if I can keep the spot on PBE using alternate accounts and if this could work, so in this case: **-I Have an Account on EUW. -I linked the EUW Account to an "X" mail. -PBE Account also was changed to being linked to the same "X" Mail (Which is not the same as my original Main Account was linked.). -I Applied to PBE from the EUW Account again.** So...would this be enough to keep the spot? The only problem I find is that the Original Main Account does not share the same "X" mail as the other EUW+PBE account, which then it could be changed from "Z" to "X" to match the date of the endline, and then be changed again with the new account being obtained. Also I must say that the EUW Account is not lvl 30, probably is lvl 10... Then if something more is needed to keep the spot would be useful if it is being responded here, cause the only requirement seems to be to have a NA-EU account and both PBE and the NA-EU being linked together to the same mail, so, if this requirement is fulfilled, then there should be no problem, isnt it?
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