Shadow Performance Improvements

Hey all! I’m Riot JxE from the Sustainability Initiative again! We have one more treat for you before the next patch goes out. The Render Team is still in a stage of exploring and getting to know our rendering code. We know how much you all love frames, so we figured while we’re exploring, why not implement some quick wins? Recently we were exploring shadows and while we were in there we found a quick change we could make to improve the performance of our shadow blur. Previously, shadow blur was using 3x3 box filter twice and we changed that to be a 5x5 filter once with the weights calculated to give the same look. We’ve done some testing in our compatibility lab and so far we’ve gained back on average 2 fps across all specs, but sometimes getting 50+ fps on higher end PCs. All with little visual impact. Please let us know if you encounter any visual issues with shadows while testing on the PBE! BEFORE: AFTER: Save the frames, kill the yordles Riot JxE
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