Cannot get a game with the new champion select

It's not because of dodgers (well partly), bugs, or anything like that, but the queue times. Now, I understand that the PBE has a small population of players, and the way the new matchmaking and champion select work further extrapolates this, but even then, aren't queue times ranging from 40-200 minutes rather ridiculous regardless of this circumstance? I have a high normal MMR on the PBE. Yeah, that sounds silly, and it is, but I've only played around 75-85 games ever since I had access to the PBE which is when it was first released. My old queue times were around 8-30 minutes long (mode is around 15 minutes). The reason I'm mentioning this is because on live, I also have a very high normal MMR, far higher than the PBE. If this new system was released, wouldn't my queue times of 10-20 minutes on live be radically dilated? On live, 40% of my time on League is spent just trying to find a game... I would be devastated if this increased any more. In total, I've been queueing for around 5 hours in total on the PBE, but have only gotten 6 or 7 pops. I could be just paranoid, but I'm voicing out my concern in the hope someone can respond to it, so that I shouldn't worry so much.

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