Viktor's Deathsworn splashart

Please work on it more. The abs are the first thing that seems off []( And compare them to something like this []( They really need to be more defined and not like a smudged watercolour drawing. I wish the mask looked differently... It's much worse than Zed's mask. It looks like a squid, as someone mentioned. The model's textures could also use more work. The abs there are again unnatural []( Areas with issues ^ []( Proposed solutions ^ Thoughts? EDIT: After consulting others, they convinced me to voice my other opinions. The angle doesn't do justice to his anatomy. This should be changed, and his anatomy should be fixed. The skin in its entirety looks really rushed. The design is rather uninspired. Looks like Karthus's skin on Viktor. EDIT2: okay since I probably won't continue working on this today, here's the current version of a paint-over which is supposed to show what could be fixed: [](
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