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>#[{quoted}](name=Last time updated,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=G2h6QTbN,timestamp=2017-04-19T018:47:00.000+0300). - Added additional information about disabled skins Greetings Summoners! This discussion sums up all the general information that new players need to know when joining PBE. Please read everything carefully and don't skip anything. Also, don't forget to read official [PBE FAQ]( page! * Client Installation * Starting Up * Bugs and Feedback * Server Maintenance * Ranked & Normals * Tribunal * Discord Server * FAQ * [Riot Support Guide]( 1. Download the Windows PBE client [here]( 2. Open "****" 3. **Copy** and **paste** (drag & drop also works) the entire **PBE** folder anywhere on your PC except the directory you're using for your main League of Legends installation. * Hosting the PBE files and the main League of Legends files in the same directory has been reported to cause problems. 4. Double click on "**lol.launcher.exe**" or "**lol.launcher.admin.exe**" to run the launcher and start patching. 1. Download the Mac PBE client [here]( 2. Open "League of Legends PBE.dmg" 3. **Copy** and **paste** "**League of Legends**" to the directory where you want it to run from (e.g. Applications) 4. Double click on the **League of Legends** to run the launcher and start patching --- #I can't download PBE client! I am getting an error! > * There is a possibility that Riot is preventing everyone living outside EUW, EUNE and NA regions from downloading PBE client. > * Only [EUW](, [EUNE]( and [NA]( players can apply for invitation to the PBE server. In order to automatically level up your account to Level 30, you need to log in for the first time, then close the client and log in again. #It can take up to 12 hours to update your account! Please be patient. * New players receive starting IP and RP on their first login. It shows as 0 until players makes a purchase. * All the new content is available for a small amount of **IP**. * For those who don't know, weekly **IP** and **RP** was removed a few years ago. [More Information]( * Your RP is going to be refilled when you get below 500 RP. * Riot sometimes adds extra **RP** to player accounts if there is an issue with unlocking specific content for **TESTING ONLY**. Not everything is available for **IP** due to technical limitations. | | | |- | Currently there are only Champion bundles available. You can unlock almost every champion without buying them individually. Check "**Bundles**" section in the store. | | #Please, before creating a new discussion check if the bug wasn't recently reported! In Search, change "**Any Time**" to "**Past 24 hours**" or "**Past Week**" to see the latest bug reports and feedback discussions. **PRO TIP**: On PBE boards homepage, short discussions by **New** to see all the latest discussions and bugs reports. --- On PBE we can report bugs in two different ways: * On PBE boards * Using **[PBE Bug Report Tool](** (PBR) --- **If you find similar bug report which was created recently:** * Upvote it! * **[Optional]** Leave a comment. It could be a screenshot, a video, reproduction steps or any other additional information that could help. --- **If bug wasn't reported yet:** * Create a discussion. Use this guide: [[HOW-TO] Report Bugs on the PBE]( * OR use [Report A Bug tool]( * Check if your bug was fixed after the next Patch and Update your post. --- You can quickly open Report a Bug tool from your client by clicking one of the Landing page cards. **Note:** some bugs or feedback belong to a specific discussion. For example: Sweetheart Sona bugs and feedback should be posted in [PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Sona!]( discussion. Check sticky discussions in different subcommunities for more information. We can expect maintenance every workday from Monday till Friday (sometimes on Saturdays too!). >Server goes down for a maintenance usually at the same time: >**North America:** 11am PDT >**Europe:** 6pm GMT There is a possibility that maintenance could start later on the same day. Maintenance can take up to an hour or more. Please check [SERVER STATUS PAGE]( Do not panic and do not create discussions regarding it. --- #Check [Surrender@20]( for more information about the recent PBE patch. On PBE you only need to play one placement match! Also, your live rank is not being taken into consideration when you get placed on PBE. It's a fresh start :) * Please, do not ban new champions or reworks unless they have a major bug which gives your opponent or to you any kind of advantage. * It's PBE, but it doesn't mean that you can take ranked games lightly. Don't waste yours and other players time. Trolling, feeding, going AFK or doing anything else against Summoner's Code will result a **permanent ban**. * If you have connection issues or an extremely high ping (ms), consider to play normals, Co-Op vs AI. or customs instead. Once a rework or a new champion hits PBE, the nightmare begins. It would be great if you wouldn't instalock or argue with your teammates. * Respect **pick order** or a friendly agreement in **Drafts** when selecting a new champion or rework. * In **Blind pick** should respect **call order** or a friendly agreement when selecting a new champion or rework. * **DO NOT DODGE UNLESS THERE IS A SERIOUS REASON**. You will get a penality! > * While there are no rules section on PBE boards, I believe that we should hold on to Live servers boards rules. > # >> [Universal Rules]( << --- > * PBE has its own tribunal but only Riot employees have access to it. That means that every case is being previewed by a Rioter and players who break Summoner's Code are going to be punished. > * Reports are very valuable, but please don't report players on PBE Boards (naming & shaming is forbidden). Instead, contact [Riot Games Support]( with a proof. > * Leaverbuster is not kill. It might catch you if you are having connection issues and hold you from joining another game, but it's for your own good! > * Summoner's who are active community members can keep their PBE access for a pretty long time. Just play once in a while, help other Summoners, find some bugs, leave your feedback and do not break Summoner's Code. > [{quoted}](name=Riot Feithen,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=8pmOktRB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-02-13T23:00:20.674+0000) > > There used to be a system that would deactivate accounts after a set period. That's no longer the case, and you can only be removed now for bad behavior, or going an extended time without playing. :) > > Thanks, > Fei Since Chat Rooms are no longer available in the new client, feel free to join an Unofficial PBE discord server! #[>> LINK <<]( **Note:** please make sure that your discord name matches your PBE Summoner name :) \#RIP \#ChatRooms #Where am I and what should I do here? > * You are on PBE boards. > * Testers here are reporting bugs and posting feedback about current PBE content. > * Please do not post new skin, champion, game mode, map, balance suggestions on PBE Boards. These should be posted on your region live boards. EUW, EUNE, OCE players have ability to post on NA boards as well! #My Ping is extremely high! What can I do? > * Move to North America. > * PBE is located in NA, LA. So everyone who is located outside NA can expect higher ping than usual. #Can we have EU PBE server? > * No, sorry. > * All the developers of the game are located in NA so it's much easier and faster to update and maintain PBE server there. #Can I sell or give/lend to someone my PBE account? > * No. You are not allowed to sell or share your PBE account. It may result a permanent ban. > * [[REMINDER] Sharing PBE Accounts]( - Riot KateyKhaos #Do Rioters play on PBE? ~~Do they come to the chat rooms?~~ > * Yes, but it's very rare. #Why new skins splash arts is missing? > * Splash arts are missing due to them being incomplete and not ready for release. Splash arts are usually being added by the end of the testing cycle. > * New skins usually share the same splash art as the Classic champion skin. > * In store and champion profile new skins usually appear in black background. > * On the champion profile skin doesn't appear because the splash art is not available yet and you need to click a bit to the right from the last skin to select the new one. It's there but invisible :) #Why some skins are not available in the store? > [{quoted}](name=Riot LoveStrut,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=ld7Eik6x,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-25T00:43:26.340+0000) > > Hiya, CrosswindBeast! > > Sorry about that. We actually do de-activate some content as it gets older and more feedback on it gets deprioritized. This helps to de-clutter the store and keeps the visible priority on the content that needs feedback the most. > > In this case though, I&#x27;ve gone in and re-activated Dark Star Thresh as well as Dark Star Varus if you&#x27;re interested in testing them out on PBE! #How long does one PBE testing cycle last? > * One PBE testing cycle is 2 weeks long in which we must test all the new content before it comes to live servers. > * Cycle usually starts on Tuesday or Wednesday and server goes down for a maintenance. It's more likely to maintenance to start at midday around 2pm PDT (9pm GMT). Server won't be available for the next 2 hours (or more) so be patient. > *Cycle ends by the end of the 2nd week and in the next few days Riot is going to push our tested patch to the live servers. #Why bundles are available for RP? > * Due to the technical limitations, bundles can only be available for RP. #I have too many of the same runes and I can't purchase other missing runes. What can I do? > * Please contact [Riot Player Support]( and ask them to reset your runes. #Can I get more IP and RP? > * You can earn IP by playing. > * You get more RP when you reach 500 RP or less. > * Weekly IP and RP stipend was removed a few years ago. >> [More information]( << #Can I get banned or suspended for inactivity? > * Yes, you can get banned if you are going to break the Summoner's Code. > * It's very rare to be suspended for inactivity but possible. Playing once in a while and reporting bugs, helping others should help you to avoid that. #Some content/features are gone from the PBE client. Could this be a bug? > * Yes it could be a bug. > * Sometimes content or client features that are not going live with the next patch, are getting removed and being brought back with the next testing cycle. > * Some content/features get disabled due to a bug, check client notifications for more information. --- | | | |- |||
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