Changes to Latency Bar in HUD

Hi All, When we were playing on the new HUD one thing that stuck out to us is how we represent latency (ping). We tried shifting to the bar icon but after playing on that for a while we don't feel its accurate enough and felt arbitrary. Colored ping bars can be pretty arbitrary to the average player, as there is no accepted 'standard' of what someone should do when they see yellow - or red - bars instead of green. In lieu of this we maked a simple change so there's more clarity around what a player's connection speed is to the game server and can derive meaningful information from that. This is a long line to say we want to show you real information, not colors. To that end we've removed the colored bars and have the actual latency number displaying right below where the bars were by default. If you don't like these numbers there or find them distracting, you can use the CTRL+F function to turn them off. Let us know how this feels. Thanks, -Chager
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