Ok, i had no idea where to post this because its all over the damn place....

WHAT THE HELL HAS BEEN GOING ON WITH THE PBE, i know its typically bugged to shit with insane lag ect. But i mean, riot fixed the lag issue so thank F*** BUT now we got THIS MASSIVE INFLUX OF FUKING SH*T. THE RUNES JUST GOT REVERTED BUT WE CANT USE OLD ONES BECAUSE THE PRICES ARE TOO HIGH FOR THE 5 F***ING BE YOU GET, ALONG WITH THE SHIT AMOUNTS OF RP WITH RARE ASS REFRESHING SO YOU CAN BUY A SKIN OR CHAMPION EVERY SO OFTEN. NOT TO MENTION GAME CRASHES (which i dont mind to much) ALONG WITH THAT WE HAVE THE SHOPS AND LOOT BEING DOWN 24/7. Please for the love of all things holy fix the endless influx of broken shit recently.
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