Jungle CS Count Change & Earning S's on champions

Hi Everyone, I was trying out the new CS Count on the PBE and I have a slight concern about the tracking CS in lane and in Jungle and how it affects the rank on a champion at the end of game. Now that every camp will now be tracked as 4 CS I'm wondering how the end ran on a champion will be affected by the Jungle CS change. Will the algorithm for getting ranks on champions be changed to take into account the change? Or will laners be able to go into Jungle and beef up their CS just to get and S and possibly put the jungler back just for an S Ranking? I've got an idea to stop this from happening but it may be a lot of work to implement. The idea is that Lane CS and Jungle CS are counted as two seperate scores on the HUD and scoreboard side by side possibly but even this would need a change to the champion ranking algorithm. The idea of being put back by your own team could be a really bad thing but that might be just me.
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