10/24 PBE Thread - Current State of PBE & My Learnings

Hey everyone, Let's talk about meta about how PBE is going, now that we have a lot more people. I want to retro the last few weeks and things that I've learned. ----------------- #Things I've Learned * I need to think about capacity planning better. The load on sign-ups and on the Store were both a big problem, and have created some poor experiences for you all. * Player Behavior on PBE has affected you all very negatively. Behavior in-games is a problem, and people are using some _terrible_, unacceptable names that violate terms of use grievously. * I didn't think thoroughly about how to do pricing, and RP/BE grants on the store before we opened up. It created a lot of confusion, especially as we changed things every day. * Forums are not effective as the only place to let you all know what's going on with PBE status. We need to figure out a different way to let you know about issues, and also about what designers are looking for specific feedback on. -------------------- #Actions Taken, or Things I Need to Do . ##Regarding Player Behavior: * We found out that the name filter we use on live was not enabled on PBE, and that's why a lot of people got unacceptable names through the filter. This has been fixed. I am so, so sorry that you had to experience this. * This new filter in place unfortunately does not retroactively target bad names. PLEASE REPORT these players so that player support can handle these cases. We also have other methods we are pursuing to take care of this. * Reporting of players post-game for negative behavior works just like live. Please report people just like you would on live. The system will take care of the rest. {{item:1051}} ## Regarding Pricing and RP/BE Grants: * We are continuing to study how things are going. Overall we believe we've landed at a good place, and are not considering changes in the immediate future. ##Regarding Alternative Ways to Notify about PBE Changes: * I'd like to look into how we can get notifications and things on the front page of the client. This is a decently technical change, though, so I can only tell you that I'm looking into it. No promises. ------------------------------------- #General Things * Please remember that this is a test environment. We're going to do some wacky stuff on this. Things **will** break. I'm imagining a time where we wipe accounts and have folks sign up again, so that we can test the load. {{summoner:14}} CHAOS, let's bring on the CHAOS.{{summoner:14}} We promise we won't do this without warning, though. --------------------- #Thank You * Thank you all so much for participating in the PBE. A lot of times we don't get to respond to every thread and bug report. However, every single piece of feedback that you give us, we consider to be a gift from you. We are so appreciative of your presence and your care for helping LoL be great. > # {{item:3025}} Please remember to report players for inappropriate names and negative behavior. {{item:3025}} Thanks again. Sincerely, {{item:3133}}
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