All you need to know to about linking your PBE account to your main account!

Hi, So since there was some confusion I just decided to make a thread about it so that everyone can refer to one thing and in hopes that any possible confusions will be cleared up. First of all, [this is the e-mail that was sent](, so please follow these steps. --- # Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy click 'n go links from the e-mail Step 1: [PBE boards]( Step 3: pbe sign-up links (links in the mail are broken, use the ones below!) NA - EUW - EUNE - (If those links are broken, just go to Google and search for “na pbe,” “euw pbe” or “eune pbe.” Correct site will be the first hit.) --- --- # Mini-FAQ~ > Q 1: Do I have to? -.- Nope! It's optional. I'd recommend doing it, though. As [Riot Chesties]( said: “Remember that this is completely optional; however, you're essentially opting out of any future PBE/LIVE interactions.” --- > Q 2: I do not have an NA/EUW/EUNE account (or I do not have one anymore, because I transferred it). What now? Will I lose PBE access? A: You will not be able to link your PBE account to your main account in this case. You won't lose your PBE access though. Linking is optional :] --- > Q 3: My e-mail on my PBE account and on my main account are already the same. Do I have to do something? A: Make sure your e-mails are validated on both accounts, then proceed to step 3 of the e-mail. --- > Q 4: At step 3, when I click “I want to help!” I am redirected to the Jayce page “Get to testing!” What do I do now? A: Awesome! Your live account and PBE account are already linked. Or at least, your live account is already linked to *a* PBE account. Get yourself a hot choco and start relaxing; you don't have to do anything. Basically, every account that was made with the applying system is already linked and doesn't/can't do anything. This applies to all (or almost all) the accounts created after ~November 2013 --- --- # Sources [The email]( [Riot Chesties]( --- See ya on the rift (when I don't forget to place wards, that is), Amy Sery~
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