Need clarification on 2 things on DJ Sona (could a Red poster plz read and confirm?)

Two observations/questions I'd like to have answered. 1. It appears that DJ Sona's voiceover isn't technically classified as a 'voice' at present. I wanted to hear *just* Sona's music.. no voices, no ambient background noise, no nothing. So I turned everything off, including the 'Voice' option, which is supposed to disable all champion voices. This does not appear to disable the VO for DJ Sona. I hope this is an oversight, and can be fixed. If not, is there a specific way to disable the heavily filtered VO, so I can hear just the music? 2. I've spent over an hour listening to the Kinetic soundtrack in game, doing some testing, trying to understand the mechanics behind how the song 'evolves'. As far as I can tell, the following is true: Game starts, and you have a base 'track' playing, which becomes enhanced as you use each of Sona's abilities for the first time (Q, W, E). Once these 'supplementary' tracks are mixed into the base track, you have the music as complete as it can be until you hit 6. I will refer to this as 'Section 1'. You hit L6, put a point in ult, and use it. After you use the ult, the music abruptly stops, and transitions into a different 'part' of the song. This part appears to loop until you put another point into your ult and use it. This will be 'Section 2'. You hit 11, put another point into ult, and use it. Section 2 stops, and another more full section of the song starts, which we'll call 'Section 3'. You hit 16, yadda yadda, 'Section 4'. Now as far as I can tell, the 'evolving' aspect of the song merely is that you are transitioning from one part of the song to another (think of the way the Crystal Scar music transitions as the Nexus loses points.. 75%, 50%, 25%, etc). Once you hit the end of a particular section, it loops back to the beginning of that particular section. Using Q/W/E while the song is playing in the various sections (aside from the very beginning) doesn't appear to have any other effect on the music itself. So in short, the following appears to happen: - Game Starts (Section 1 starts) - L2 and L3 give you more skills and more parts to Section 1, which loops - L6 and ult leveled and used, Section 1 ends, Section 2 starts and loops - L11 and ult leveled and used, Section 2 ends, Section 3 starts and loops - L16 and ult leveled and used, Section 3 ends, Section 4 starts and loops until game ends. Can anyone definitively confirm this? I think it would be truly awesome if using the abilities somehow augmented the songs as you went through the later sections; I'm about 90% sure that's not how it works, but I'd love for someone (Rito plz?) that can confirm my suspicions. Thanks in advance, Tech

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