Feedback and thoughts about Tristana splash art (PBE patch Jan/22)

I'm usually very hesitant to criticize art. But in this case i have to say something about the new splash art of Tristana which was shipped in todays patch on the PBE. Imho the face and the ears look a bit off and way too cartoonish compared to the other yordles, the other champion splash arts and even to the ingame model. Her ears look too big and too low in relation to other parts of her face. Her eyes, mouth and nose seem to be out of proportion to each other. And if you look at the face as whole (a good example is the little ingame mugshot) it looks like it was inspired by a Disney character. I'd like to hear the opinions of the other people here on the PBE and also of some guys there at Riot. Edit: Sooo...i was bored and photshop was there and i decided to tweak the splash a bit. official mine I made her eyes less creepy, the glare more smudgy and i gave her a bit of an eyebrow.
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