URF Champ Tiers - What champs are too antifun?

URFs out, and everyone is OP, as they should be. But Riot often tones down the champs that feel too oppressive/antifun, or just straight up remove them after awhile, so I figured we should maybe start a list of the worst offenders somewhere. What are your observations after a day of URF? A few on my list: S Tier - * Fiora: Hypermobile is kind of an understatement, she's impossible to catch, and unkillable late game. Also, the constant true damage procs makes it impossible to build against her. * Ekko: All the reasons he's broken in the tank meta right now amplified. Tons of damage sources all on zero cooldown, crazy mobility. * Zed: Same thing as last year, kind of a no brainer. * Shaco: He falls off after awhile, so I wasn't sure if S tier was the right place for him. That said, he is definitely S tier in antifun. * * Jax: Straight up unbeatable after a certain point. * Riven: Absolute cancer to play against. Also, my observations of the new content that I've seen so far: New Champs/Reworks: 1. Fiora 2. Ekko 3. Gangplank: Rough early game, gets hilarious when your heals are at 100% and you can make a cross map chain of barrels. I might have him too high. 4. Kindred: Seems to absolutely wreck face early/mid. Haven't seen much. 5. MF: Build her straight damage/crit w/ 0 attack speed. Her W is always up and her ult is spammable and insane. 6. Poppy: Seen her do fairly well, can nearly permastun people. 7. Jhin: His W is spammable now, so he gets a very consistent long range snare. Doesn't have that much else going for him. 8. Illaoi: Can wreck people in the right situations, as always, but her animations are still slow and easy to dodge. Feels really sluggish in this mode. 9. Tahm/Aurelion: Aurelion has his W permanently up, which is nice, but none of his abilities work well for URF. And I haven't really seen a Tahm too well, everyone is too mobile to be affected by his kit. 10. Taric: Just... eh. Not horrendous, but his passive scales down with CDR, so he basically doesn't have one here. Doesn't feel all too different from normal play. Haven't seen the other reworks played yet. Plenty of other high tier champs, but I won't bother to compile them unless this thread gets any attention. I want to stress that I'm not whining about URF or any of these champs, just calling to attention the ones that aren't so fun to deal with ATM/seem stronger than the rest of the roster. Would like to hear about other champs the community hates to deal with.
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